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If you are like me and find yourself struggling to fit everything into your day and want your time back with still having a sustainable income, this is for you.  When I talk about time freedom I don't mean travelling the world and never having to work again (but let's be honest I wouldn't say no to that!!), for me I am talking about time back in my day to be able to spend quality time with my girls, rather than having to say, 'just a minute, wait until I finish work' or having the freedom to be able to go to the beach in the afternoons after school.  Or during the week being able to book that hair appointment whenever I liked instead of having to wait until a Saturday and ask someone to babysit for me and most importantly to be able to book that holiday whenever I liked, not dependent on making sure someone else at work is off that week, or do I have enough leave left to take the holiday as well as having some days off for the upcoming school holidays.  THAT to me is time freedom, not having to rely on others and systems to dictate when and how I spend my time with my family.   


The services and courses that the Freedom Formula offer really resonated with me, firstly everything is step by step and is so easy to follow along.  Industry leading information that teaches real skills that you can apply to any area, your work, your life, your dreams.  


  • The masterclass will show you the simplest way to start your own digital business, by sharing other poeples products and services.
  • You'll learn how to automate your business, so you can stop trading your time for dollars (do the work once and continue to earn!


Best of all Jade and Kev are Aussie!! They teach a holistic approach not only to business and marketing but to life, for me this was the game changer.  As soon as I started I couldn't stop, I would wake up at 4:30am, do an hour or two, go to work, come home do my house duties, cook dinner then sit down and do another couple of hours before bed. Every day I am learning more and more and am truly loving it.  I know you will to!


If I can do one thing for you today, it's to encourage you to invest in yourself.  Feel free to pop your details below and see what I mean x